Income Inequality: An Unseen Problem

Every country is rich in one way. How else can it feed its people? However, income inequality threatens residents of many countries with poverty and gives them lives much lower than the lives of other people, living in the same country. This problem is unseen by many people, and here are some countries with great economies that fight income inequality.

United States is the world’s most powerful economy. It’s economy is supported by all it workers, its natural resources, its many fields of employment and opportunity, its promising government, and determined schoolchildren. However, many people in United States are poor. There are many people homeless and unable to find a way out. Why are they unable to find a way out? Most people don’t give them any money when they ask for it. Most people don’t donate much money to shelters that take of homeless people. This shows income inequality. Would there be people in United States making billions of dollars, with other people begging on the streets for a single dollar bill if it wasn’t? Homeless people are usually people who lost their jobs and couldn’t find another, and eventually have bills take their houses away and send them onto the streets of cities to spend the rest of their lives. Tetop People usually think that homeless people did something that brought them to the streets, such as commit crimes, but not all homeless people are like that. This income inequality problem can be solved with more homeless shelters and charity work.

South Africa is the most powerful economy in Africa. The country is full of different natural resources, has a booming tourist industry, a stable government, and hardworking laborers and students. The country is still recovering from nearly half a century of struggling with the apartheid, which separated white and black people, and gave white people far more chances towards lives they could enjoy. Blacks were forced to live in poverty, in towns and slums full of crime, disease, illiteracy, and hunger. Even though the apartheid is over and black people have more opportunities to better lives now, many of South Africa’s black people still live in poverty. Majority of South Africa’s richest people are white. South Africa’s richest people live like how rich people in US live, with large ownerships, and the poorest people live on the streets and in slums, and some poor people still live in the towns that were made for black people during the apartheid. Charitable work and donation can definitely help with this income inequality problem, and the creation of more homeless shelters can help get people off the streets. International charity can help with people who live in slums or towns in poverty.

India is a major economic leader in Asia and the world. India’s economy is supported by the hardworking people, its good education, its many fields of employment, and many natural resources and agriculture. However, millions of people in India are living in poverty. Slums are common throughout the country, and many people are illiterate, or affected by hunger or disease. For some time, India had a caste system, which was used to rank people on how they lived, by calling them specific names. The poorest people were called by many as untouchables, because they were considered too sick to go near. This was an example of income inequality, because the people who were called untouchables were disrespected severely, because they were teased by richer people, not given much donation, and many did were not given opportunities to good education or employment, just because of how they lived everyday. The caste system is over now, but millions of people in India are still living in poverty. This income inequality problem can be solved with international charity, and more donation toward poor people can give people in India chances towards school or better homes.

Mexico has a prosperous economy. There are many people who take education well, there are rich cities, and there are tourist sites in Mexico that people like seeing. These all support Mexico’s economy. However, Mexico is a major example of income inequality. There are many prosperous cities, and people making money in large amounts, but there are also people who live in villages full of poverty and crime, and the people can’t afford food or education. That is also why there are many drug dealers in Mexico, because wherever there is poverty, there is crime. People in poverty who can’t get out often turn to crime as the answer, which is not only in Mexico. Some people in Mexico see poverty so hard to live through that they sneak across the border illegally into the US to get jobs and money. This is a very dangerous step to take, because they have low chances of making it across, due to the strength of US border security. These acts of desperation, however, shows the effects of income inequality. Crossing a border into another country illegally hoping for a better future shows that income inequality can really drive people into the extreme measures. This income inequality problem can be solved with more charity, and donation from rich people to the poor.

Kenya’s economy may not be ranked very high, but is very productive, and a source of power to both Africa and the rest of the world. Kenya’s economy is supported by natural resources, farming, tourism, manufacturing, and other economic supports. However, Kenya is still a poor country. Millions of people live in slums, many diseases spread, and many are living in poverty and in poor conditions, even though Kenya is very rich compared to other countries around it. Not even half a century ago, Kenya became an independent country. During a period of time shorty after, major problems started to rise. Environmental problems such as droughts and famines started to come. Diseases such as AIDS started to spread. Kenya’s economy was going into poverty, and many people were living poor. Now, the country is still getting better, and has managed to become a major economic leader in the continent of Africa. However, many people still remain living lives in poverty even though many are rich. These people have motivation to finish school so they can leave their poverty, but the many kids who are trying to get out of their situations can have better lifestyles with more donation from the richer people in the world.

Now you can see countries who fight income inequality, and how it affects their economies. Income inequality is definitely a problem towards economies, and a major reason for poverty. Without income, more than half of the poverty in the world will be gone. This problem is harmful, and unseen from many of our eyes. Some of us don’t even know it exists, and others just don’t know the name to use. Income inequality can be solved with more charity and donation. That is about income inequality and what it does.

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